did you or did you not?

living at home can sometimes be challenging. especially when i'm still trying to live as independently as i can (i.e. purchasing my own shampoo, face wash, etc.) the challenging part comes in when you have siblings [sisters] who thrive on using your things.
i've asked c countless times to please not use my stuff because it goes twice as fast and i have to pay for it. she said she'd stop, but sometimes i still catch her. other times i falsely accuse her. observe:

(this is a convo on facebook via wall posts, mind you. i didn't want to get up and talk to her cause i'm lazy like that and i couldn't find my phone to text her. my laptop just so happened to be on my lap at the time so, yes, i resulted to a public family feud. whatever.)

me: you either used my shampoo or conditioner. i can smell it. i will shank you. I WILL SHANK YOU!! you really should try to be more sneaky when using all of other people's stuff especially if you don't want to get beat down.

c: hahah noope. i used the kind mom got me. smells goooood huh :)

me: yeah right.
me: oh, wait. did you use the body wash?

c: um yes, i do in fact use body wash when i shower!
c: ‎..you mean to tell me you've been using MY body wash, not me using your shampoo or conditioner... you tool.

me: no you blithering idiot! is it the new kind? ha ha ha. WHAT DID YOU USE! I WANT SPECIFICS!

then i found out she really hadn't used my shampoo, she had used her shampoo which coincidentally enough smells very similar to mine. (it really does. i smelled it myself.)
i found the convo pretty funny though because we were both blaming each other of using each other's stuff when in reality neither of us really were.
i don't know. maybe its only funny to me. haha. quite possible.

ah the joys of living at home.

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