2010 in review.

(you can read my 2009 in review here.)

{january} - in january, i was jobless. boo. i did travel to utah though, i also learned how to make beanies, and had a little fun with the nestle crunch hotline. but other than sharing my doppelgangers, i didn't do much in january. it was kind of an uneventful month now that i look back on it...
{february} - february brought the olympics, another trip to utah, and valentines day. i also hosted my first ever give away in february and started making my summer plans. i attempted to do my first ever "fashion post" and slowly but surely gained new followers. what a month, huh? don't worry, my life got more exciting. i promise.  
{march} - i moved into a new house and finally got a one-time-job as a wedding planner (which i LOVED by the way.), i also started making necessary changes in my life, and went to utah AGAIN. i was involved in a bomb threat and that was about the highlight of my march.  
{april} - in april, i finished the wedding i was working on (big success btw), hosted my second ever give away and was in desperate need of some adventure in my life. i also got a job (that lasted about... 3 weeks.) and shared what kind of girl i am.
{may} - in may, my brother graduated from highschool and i moved from the dreary state of idaho to the gloriousness that is utah. i bought my first ever laptop (thank you student loan!) and shared all sorts of crushes during my 2010 crush week. i also went to my first book signing ever and met one of my favorite authors, aprilynne pike. (if you've never read wings, or spells, please go do it because they are AWESOME books. simply AWESOME.)
{june} - got ready to move into my new apartment, saw a lot of awesome movies AND started school. basically, moving and school alone took up most of my time. but somehow i found time to watch the world cup... 'somehow'.
{july} - i participated in more school, saw a woman with a full on obe won kenobi hair cut, got a real live job (first time i'd had one in over a year) and basically just loved on my utah (but still spent some time in idaho. figure that one out.)
{august} - lets see... what did i do in august? oh, right! i turned 25. even though 25 is a number i don't really care to discuss, i will gush about the she&him concert my besties took me to! i also finished my summer semester of college, and traveled a little bit more. i celebrated 8/9/10 and got a little 'contreversal' on my blog by sharing what types of physical traits i do and don't like in a guy.
{september} - in september, i mostly just worked. a lot. and packed getting ready to move AGAIN. my sister did visit though, and i spent my spare time doing super productive things like watching legendary tv shows.
{october} - i spent most of the month of october in st. george ut with my sister, but not before throwing my bestie a surprise murder mystery party! what fun, what fun. after that, i went to st. george and worked and stuff. 'and stuff' means... nothing. oh, i did watch supernatural (which required me to drool over my lover.)
{november} - i went to my second concert of the year, kate nash (amazing!!) and spent some time on colorado with some of my besties for life. then, harry potter was released and i saw it a couple of times. score. then i moved to a new state (3rd state i've lived in this year) and traveled quite a bit (i covered 5 states in 2 days. it was a LONG drive.) celebrated thanksgiving with the fam and started working AGAIN. oh and i loved on jensen a little bit more...
{december} - december was a long, hard month for me. i had zero christmas spirit and was just having an all around bad attitude. luckily, things got better (like the fact that i survived my first driving experience in texas) and i am now looking forward to ringing in 2011 to see what it has in store for me!!

what did your year look like?


Jacque said...

What a cute post! I've been planning a similar post for my blog! Looks like you had such an exciting and lovely year! Loved looking at your pictures!

bananas. said...

oh lady you've had quite the year. i feel like 2011 will be even better! yup thinking positive here for ya. happy new year!!!

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

Looks amazing, here's to another!