let's talk films, shall we? part 2. (so many links and fun stuff to watch. you're welcome.)

in part 1 of 'let's talk films, shall we?' i talked about my favorite films of 2010. now that 2010 is almost over, i'm going to share my most anticipated movies of 2011 for part 2. i have a feeling 2011 is going to be just as good of a movie year as 2010 was... if not better! (if you haven't read part 1 yet, you can do that here.)

so, without further hesitation, these are the top 10 films i'm most excited about seeing next year:

(so, there isn't a trailer out for it yet. boo.)
i don't know as much about captain america as i do other superheroes/comic book characters, but i know enough to be excited about this flick. i used to hate comic book movies, but they have just gotten better and better over time (thank you christopher nolan!) and i've grown to like comic books more and more (i may or may not be a comic book nerd...) thus the basis of its appeal! besides that, its got stanley tucci in it whom i quite fond of and just the plot line alone makes it sound pretty friggin awesome.
besides all that, this film will be a great intro to the avengers which is coming out in 2012. now THAT's going to be an awesome movie!
(this flick comes out in july)

...another super hero movie. turns out, there are a lot of good ones coming out in the next 2 years. huzzah!
anyway, mainly, i'm anticipating seeing seth rogan as a super hero. i figure it will be more like iron man than batman when it comes to serious vs funny, but i'm good with either, so... i'm excited!
(this flick comes out in january.)

8. thor
enter super hero movie number 3 (and i'm not done either. there will be another one on the list, just you wait!) so, thor pretty much rocks. also, this movie will star natalie portman and kat dennings who also rock. on top of that, its a super hero flick and basically just looks pretty stupendous.
(anyone else remember thor from way back in the day when they talked about him on the adventures in baby sitting? yeah, me too!)
(this movie comes out in may.)

so, i read this book over the summer this year and have been anticipating the movie ever since. i like that the book is still pretty new (released in august) and i love the cast they chose (alex pettyfer ((who can join my list of beautiful british men!)) as number 4, and dianna agron ((whom you most likely know from glee)) as sarah). i'm surprised at how good it looks because usually, you can bet that the book-to-movie portrayal will suck.
i'm just glad its not a big phenomenon yet...
(this movie comes out in february.) 

doesn't it look all sorts of awesome? anyway, yeah, i'm one of those people that still like the transformers movies... not only am i excited to shia do another one of these flicks, my girl rosie huntington-whiteley is in it as well. that should be fun. (fingers crossed that she doesn't suck...)
anyway, even though i was super skeptical about the first transformers movie when it first came out, i have grown to love it and number two over the years. i've been waiting for this one for a long time now.
(this film comes out in july)

of the three (so far) films robert pattinson has releasing next year, i'm most definitely most excited about this one (with bel ami being a close runner up.) i believe this is the one film on my list that isn't an action/epic/fantasy movie hmmmm. the story sounds so interesting though and i am also a reese witherspoon fan, so you can bet i'll be there opening night drooling over my boy and watching with bright eyes and a silly smile. also, i love elephants.
(this film comes out in april.)

duuuude. okay, a) green lantern is a dc comic. i like dc a little more than i like marvel, so i'm pretty excited that they are in fact putting out a film this year. hopefully their one will keep up with marvel's two. we shall see my friends. b) its ryan reynolds... did i need to say more then that? c) green lantern is one of my favorite comic characters so, yes, i'm excited for this flick. plus, it looks awesome and... that's about it.
(this flick comes out in june.)

i heard about this movie in 2008 and have been anticipating it ever since. the pirates trilogy is already one of my favorite movie series of all times, so naturally, i'm excited about this one! its going to be interesting seeing penelope cruz in a film like this, but i'm excited for it.
and who can say "no" to more jack sparrow? i mean, really.
(this film comes out in may.)

breaking this book up into two movies was the most genius (and rude) thing warner brothers could have done. its awesome because we still have more harry potter to anticipate, but the way they show clips from both films in the trailers and the fact that we have to wait for part two to come out is basically torture. i'm excited and sad about this all rolled into one. why? because after this one, its over. we will have no more harry potter movies to look forward to. that's saying something considering the fact that one has come out basically every year since 2001 and before that if we didn't have the movies to look forward to, we at least had the books! its going to be weird not waiting for anything harry potter to come out...
anyway, with my love for part one being so immense, i'm just squirming in my seat for part 2.
(this movie comes out in july.) 

and my number one anticipated movie of the year is...

are you surprised? -- so i have a confession about this movie: i've watched the trailers for it about a billion times and stalked the imdb page like a new crush on facebook. i am STOKED for this flick. when they describe it as 'alice in wonderland with machine guns' how could i not be stoked about it? so i'm a nerd. it's okay, i'm a happy nerd! this film looks freaking, epically, awesomely, legendary. plus it has emily browning whom i love (she was my ultimate pick for bella swan). i also think it will be interesting to see v-hud in something other than a teeny bopper flick... i can't wait until march. no really, i can't.
(this flick comes out in march.)

i wanna know, what are you excited to see next year?


Hannah Elizabeth said...

Love all the superhero movies. Made me giggle. Sadly, my computer is running really slow so I can't watch the trailers.

But. Harry Potter (yes)

Pirates of the Caribbean 4: !!!!!!!!
WHAT! How did I not know about this!? I thought it was just a rumor. SO excited to see my lover Jack Sparrow again.

Other than that, I'll have to wait till my computer gets it's act together to watch the trailers :-)

Grace said...

Oh wow, those are some great movies! I hadn't heard about Sucker Punch before, I am now obsessed.

I am Danielle and you are? said...

Okay...do you live in NYC? All of those movies I am anticipating as well!


Amyschmamey said...

Captain America, Thor, and of course Harry Potter and ones that I look forward to as well! Great blog