i'm good at sharing my treats.

over the past few weeks, i have found some delightful new blogs. (well, they aren't new as in new to blogger, but new to my reading list) and since i'm feeling rather generous today, i thought i'd share them with you, in hopes that you too might find some new treats.

this girl is hilarious and adorable all rolled in to one (which results in her blog being gloriously awesome!) the first night i saw her blog, i think i stayed on it for about an hour and read about 4 pages worth of back-posts. 
anyway, in addition to her blog being awesome, she's doing spectacular giveaways for the christmas season. one in particular is the $50 gift certificate to rouche give away. i know, right? another one is done by painting in the air which is such a lovely shop! wonderful! 
go check her out. she's awesome. 

this girl. gah. i love her blog. she does outfit posts that will rock your world and she is so marvelous! i love stopping by her blog and seeing what she's wearing, how she's doing her hair, or what music she's listening to.
definitely a 'feel good' blog. (do i sound like a movie critic or what?)
stop in to her blog and say 'hello'. you'll be glad you did.

she's a mormon girl living in nyc, working as a broadway performer. her stories about her life as such are very funny and entertaining. she's a wonderful girl with an equally wonderful blog!
go check her out.

her blog is so wonderful and quaint. she shares about things she loves [coffee], and life lessons she's learned over time. her posts are lovely and easy to read. not to mention this girl rocks. this is a blog you can follow religiously or stop in every now and then and still enjoy what you read.

penelope is so cynical and dry its awesome. i read her blog and just laugh because of the utter negativity that she exuberates (that's a word, right?) in the most hilarious of ways. basically, its like hacking into ellen page's mind and reading it in blog form only written by someone else... yeah, that made sense.
anyway, go visit penelope's site. you just might be glad you did.

he is the father of amyschmamey, another blog i read. i first found his blog through hers and then i sat and read every post he'd written thus far (there aren't that many, but his posts are so interesting i didn't want to stop reading.) he's very good with words and refreshing to read as a) he is a man and i don't read many male-written blogs, b) he writes beautifully, paying attention to grammar and verbage and such and c) he's lived more life than most bloggers i read, so his views and opinions are built on life experience and not just quick judgments.
you should go read what he has to say.

if you like crafting, vintage and diy this is definitely the blog for you. mandi is such a cute gal and her blog is such fun to read. she has done quite a few projects that i'm just itching to try myself.
stop in and see what she's about. i'm pretty sure you just might get addicted... i am.

another quaint and lovely blog. she and musings of a hippie are great friends so their blogs mirror each other in a lot of ways. its fun to stop in and see what she, hannah, is up to. if you like feeling nostalgic and happy inside, you'd probably better stop by her blog.

that's all for now. i hope you'll enjoy reading some (or all) of these blogs.
i know i do.
consider these recommendations an early christmas present from yours truly.
you're welcome.

**to view a list of ALL of the blogs i read, please visit my i read these blogs page. there's LOTS of loveliness there. promise. 



Meredith said...

fun! new blogs are THE BEST. after like family or whatever;) haha!

connally said...

you are just the sweetest:) and i've been searching far and wide for some new wonderfulness to follow.

Melissa said...

I just discovered the Day Book as well. Adorable blog.

I'll have to check out the other ones you listed!


Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

lovely x hivennn.

ashley in wonderland said...

thanks so much!!! i'm glad my blog can give you "feel good" time

Amyschmamey said...

You know what is so funny! I hadn't read this blog post yet, and I myself am working on a blog about other blogs! ha. :) You are one of the blogs I am going to mention! ha. AGAIN! Love your blog, and it makes my heart happy that you like my daddy's blog! ha. :) Thanks for mentioning him!

bananas. said...

what a cute and interesting list of recommended blogs! i'm gonna need more hours in the day to read them all!

Hannah Elizabeth said...

I just saw this! Finals have taken over my life and Koni tipped me off. Thanks friend! (and I promise to return the favor someday :-)

Can't wait to check out the other blogs mentioned.

Bridget said...

thanks for the tips- i have heard of a few of these but the others?? im going to go check out... gah i will never get any work done!