what do hip hop artists, cookies, suits, and glee all have in common? they're all mentioned in this post.

here are some awesome and hilarious videos to kick off your weekend with:

true fact: i can never get sick of jt. as an avid *nsync lover, he has been my #1 celeb crush for over 10 years now. (although he's taken a back seat to mr. barnes and r-patz a few times as of late, i've still always loved him.) but do you blame me? i mean, how adorable is he? oh, and jimmy's awesome too.

i laugh everytime i see or hear this video. i know its kind of disgusting with the amounts of phlem going on, but seriously? who has the time to do crap like this!

and now for two of my favorite neil patrick harris moments:

"nothing suits me like a suit"
(from how i met your mother)
so, there aren't usually musical numbers on himym, so this one was an awesome treat. if you don't watch how i met your mother, you many not understand the whole thing about the suit. but rather than explaining it, i'm just going to tell you to go watch the show. because that would be way better.

"dream on"
(from glee)
i don't really think i need to say anything about this vid.
clearly, it rocks and that's all that needs to be known about it.
(sorry for the crappy quality.)

happy weekending peeps.



amylou said...

Love Dream On! NPH was amazing in that song. His high not was pure awesomeness!

Glamour Bbey. said...

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Please, check mine, & maybe we can follow eachother? + join my giveaway!

Thanks and love,

bananas. said...

oh glee, how i love thee!

hope you're having an awesome weekend!!!