you said your favorite movie star would always be james dean.

today is he 55th anniversary of james dean's death.
no. i wasn't alive when he was famous, but i've seen his films and have loved him.
he was a great actor. his short lived career speaks volumes about just how incredible he really was.
even with only three films under his belt, he was still named the 18th best male movie star by the american film institute. that's talent.

i've always thought the actors back in the golden ages of hollywood were much better than a lot of the ones we have now.
james dean was proof of this.

in his memory, go watch rebel without a cause, or east of eden, or giant.
if you haven't seen those films yet, you probably should get on it irregardless of mr. dean.

p.s. who can tell me what song i quoted for my post title? and who sang it?

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