my friends are just as awesome as i am.

i stole one of my friend's phone the other day and was texting a mutual friend as the friend i had stolen the phone from. (confusing, i know). its something i do all the time but never get sick of. kind of like prank calling. i know prank calling expired back in middle school for most people, but not for me. for some reason i still think its hilarious. ANYWAY, as i was texting said friend, i was talking to him about hair removal (the more random the conversation i can get in to, the better) the conversation that followed had me laughing for hours:

me: "yeah, i found this hair removal remedy on line. it says to mix horse radish, leprechaun's blood, vinegar and salt. do you think it will work?'
jared: "ha ha yeah. don't forget to stir it with a unicorn's horn!"
me: "this isn't a joke jared!"

it was the comment about the unicorn's horn that got me. what a doofus.


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