nerd confession [#2].

its that time again. time for a:

i own every *nsync song ever made.
and every now and then i'll turn on that finger-snapping-awesomeness and listen to a few of their songs and reminisce on my good ole' *nsync days.

one of those songs is called "you drive me crazy" (not to be confused with "crazy for you" or "i drive myself crazy"... wow, there was lots of crazy love going on back then...).
i had a cassette tape of the song (recorded off of the tv) that i listened to on non-stop... actually the tape had the song recorded over and over and over so i never had to rewind it. all i had to do was just let 'er play.
it was also, if you ask me, their best music video... unless we count the first one they made of "i want you back" which is basically at the top of the awesome charts because of how wonderfully lame it is...
"you drive me crazy"
i don't know if its the cross dressing or the weird things they do in this vid, but i kinda liked it. a lot.

"i want you back"
makes you want to go jump on a space ship right?
i don't know if its itty bitty justin feelin' himself up at about 2 minutes and 29 seconds, all the standing-above-the-camera-dancing shots, or just the fact that they filmed a music video with a space theme that makes this video so wonderful, but its definitely one of my faves. 

...all this *nsync talk makes me want to go watch model behavior...

what were your obsessions when you were younger? 
happy friday!!



Hannah Elizabeth said...

if you're a nerd I'm a nerd....

I went to their concert and know their Bye Bye Bye and It's gunna be me dances......

amylou said...

I still listen too!
Also I am completely responsible for the fact that my little brother knows all of their lyrics by heart to this day!
Poor kid! No wonder his friends made fun of him. HAHA!

Deals, Steals and Heels said...

adore me some nsync. i get giddy like a schoolgirl when christmas rolls around "merry christmas, happy holidays" comes on the radio!!

also, model behavior = amazing.

bananas. said...

my nerd confession...

i swore one day i would meet nsync and become their best friend b/c at the time i wasn't attracted to any of them

and then just grew up...