i've got that bug again.

i make my big move (from utah to texas) at the end of the month. with that in the hindsight of my mind, i've been shopping around for some new decor for my new house. this can be a very bad and dangerous thing for me, as i'll spend all my money on house decor...

so far i've found a few things that i ABSOLUTELY MUST HAVE. i don't know how i've lived without them before... i've also found some great inspos that i plan on using when the actual decorating of the room begins.

must have item:
bird embroidery from deer little fawn.

this is one of the color pallets i'm currently obsessed with. aqua (blue), red, and black.
i really love, off to the side on the shelves, the empty frame hanging on the wall, and all the pictures.
i also really like the shelving and knick knacks on the shelves.

again, love the plethora of pictures hanging on the wall. i also love the tree decal and the torso with the necklaces on it. different, but awesome.

must have item:

i love the colors in this room and all the random things going on. from all the pictures on the wall, to the decorative pillows and even some of the furniture pieces... i love this room.

i love decorating. its a good thing too because about every 6 months i move, and i change my mind on how i want things to look! 

happy wednesday!



amylou said...

Texas?! Woot!!
Love that red, aqua, and black color scheme!

Deer Little Fawn said...

Thanks for including my embroidery in your post! Wow! I really appreciate that, so sweet! It really made my day! :)
xx Beth

Amyschmamey said...

Ok! I went through a spell of being too busy to keep up with blogs. I was thinking to myself, I hadn't seen curiouser and curiouser in my blog feed lately. So I clicked on your old button that I have on my superfly blogs and realized! You are a NEW NAME! ha. So. That being said. Glad i realized. And those are great inspirations for decorating. I don't have the knack for decorating alas. :)