october song obsessions.

*so, i know that these are old and probably worn out songs, but because i don't listen to the radio, i have the privilege of liking songs for a lot longer than i normally would!
therefore, these songs are currently on repeat on my iTunes. (click the title of the song to view the mv (if there is one) and listen to the song.)

this month i went through a weird sad-love-song phase. not sure why. i wasn't really sad or love sick... but the songs just seemed to fit my life at the time.
i don't know. you figure it out.

by: the postal service
on the album: give up

by: 3 doors down
on the album: away from the sun

by: barry louis polisar
on the album: juno

by: howie day
on the album: collide-single

by: lifehouse
on the album: life house

by: lykke li
on the album: new moon

by: paramore
on the album: brand new eyes

by: edwin mccain
on the album: misguided roses

songs that carried over from my september playlist:
more than a feeling by: *nsync
wouldn't it be nice by: beach boys
fall for you by: secondhand serenade
like we used to by: a rocket to the moon
my hero by: paramore
i want to hold your hand by: teresa victoria carpio
the luckiest by: ben folds