that's my final answer.

with halloween rapidly approaching, i've been giving much thought to what i'm going to be this year (okay, okay, i've actually been thinking about it since last halloween ended, BUT whatevs.) well, at first i was thinking either roxy hart or alice in wonderland (two of my favorite ladies).

but last night, i decided to channel my inner geek and go as another one of my favorite ladies. it all started when i saw these:

immediately, i knew, i'm going to be:
(circa barbara gordon)

i know right? i'm super excited. and don't worry, i'm not going as slutty batgirl. i'm going as awesome batgirl. cause that's how i roll.

what are you going as for halloween?


lydia. said...

"awesome batgirl."
haha, ummm, loving it!

i don't even know if i'm REALLY going to be anything.
but if i was, i'd be a dia de los muertos girl. :)


Katie said...

That costume looks so cool! I've dressed as a ragdoll the past couple of years (think Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas) so this year I definitely need a change. My boyfriend is trying to get me to dress as Bagpuss (yeah, random) so I might be doing that. Although the past few weeks I've been thinking either dressing as Hit Girl (Kick Ass) or one of the zombie nurses from the video game Silent Hill would be awesome!

bananas. said...

awesome trumps slutty! can't wait to see how you pull it all together.

Mariella said...

Dunno what I'll go as because my friends are too "cool" and don't do anything for Halloween. :|