oh dear songs, i love you.

every few months i make playlists on my iTunes of songs that i LOVE at the time. its kind of fun to look back on past playlists and listen to what i liked then compared to what i like now. for instance, back in march my playlist consisted of songs like bleeding love (by leona lewis), fidelity (by regina spektor) and i'm yours (by jason mraz). all still very great songs, but now a little worn out on me.
tonight i just finished making a new playlist of my current faves and i thought i'd share it with you because after all, who doesn't love great music?! i would consider basically all of these a must hear (if you haven't already) but just so you know which ones i absolutely insist on, i've placed an astrix by the song title. if you do nothing else today, please at least go check these songs out! (for your convenience, i've attached links to the music videos on youtube. you're welcome.)

by: a rocket to the moon
on the album: on your side
one of my besties just introduced me to this song not too long ago and i LOVE it. after the first time i listened to it, i immediately played it again. then i had to look up the music video. 
its such a great song. and so sad!

by: nsync
on the album: nsync (the european release)
yes, this song was originally sang by boston. betcha didn't know nsync covered it huh? well, it was never released in the u.s., but i was such a fan that i purchased the european release of the bands first album. believe me, it was worth it. (so i apologize in advance for the fan made video that is attached to this link. there was no m.v. released with this song so that's what you have to go through to hear the song. I DID NOT MAKE THE VIDEO. i repeat, i did not make the video.)

by: paramore
on the album: none - it wasn't released on an album
this song was originally done by the foo fighters and i liked it way back then. when i heard the version that paramore came out with a little bit ago, i swooned all over again. this song rocks my socks and will forever be one of my favorites (it has been, the foo fighters version anyway, since i was a sophmore in h.s.!) (again, no music video was made and i did not make the video attached.)

by: second hand serenade
on the album: a twist in my story
so, i know this was over played on the radio, but i don't listen to the radio. therefore, i don't get sick of songs like most people. this song has been on my favorites list basically since it came out and i just am not sick of it yet (probably never will be). its such a beautiful story and i love the way they sing it.

by: the beach boys
on the album: sounds of summer
besides the fact that this song can be heard on the film 50 first dates (which is one of my faves) and besides the fact that my girlfriend zooey deschanel sang it at the she&him concert i attended, i do love this song.
i love the meaning behind it mostly. and the music itself aint too shabby either. (the music video is kind of crazy cool too all vintagey and stuff.)
p.s. if you haven't seen 50 first dates, go do so now. please.

by: mika
on the album: the boy who knew too much
i love this whole album. its so good. and mika is by far one of my favorite artists. i haven't heard a song o his yet that i don't like. 
most of his lyrics are so tragic, but his melodies are so upbeat. its a strangely entertaining combo that i can't stop listening to.

by: teresa victoria caprio
on the album: across the universe
first of all, have you seen across the universe? no? get on it. yes? good work my friend.
so, i LOVE the way she sings this. her raw desperation and teenage pain is so beautiful.
i may or may not listen to this on repeat sometimes (substituting some of the words as if i were singing it to a beautiful brown british boy who was about to sweep me off my feet...)

by: ben folds
on the album: rockin' the suburbs
this has also been a favorite since high school. we'd (my class mates and i) would listen to this song over and over and over again. we requested it at all of our dances and basically lived and breathed this song.
its such a thought provoking story. and so beautifully sung.
if you ask me, this is one of the most beautiful songs ever written. ever.
basically, ben fold is amazing and... that's about it.
by: sixpence none the richer
on the album: sixpence none the richer
this song is so old! it reminds me of my late middle school/early high school years.
its just fun. and cute. and i want it for my life.

by: train
on the album: drops of jupiter
another old time favorite of mine. this song has always stuck with me and intrigued me. the story is such a crazy one and i love thinking about it.
train in and of themselves are great musicians. they have the most creative lyrics.

by: jeff buckley
on the album: grace
i know its a long song, but its worth it to listen to every single second of it.
this song. ugh. its so beautiful. so tragic. so wonderful. so wonderful.

that concludes my list of current faves. they'll probably change within the week.
what are yours? i must know.

(if i owned soul sister by train and glitter in the air by pink they'd be on the favorites list too. but alas, i do not. and that's a very sad thing.)

happy monday!


Hannah Elizabeth said...

I love that half of these songs have been out since the 90s. :-) There was no sarcasm in that above comment I promise with all my heart.

I still own a Sixpence None the Richer CD.

P.S. - I love you blog. We would be friends if we knew each other.

amylou said...

tons of good ones in this list!
I love that song from Across the Universe. I have the soundtrack and I listen to it all the time! That girl can sing!!!

connally said...

i am ridiculously in love with 'the luckiest' and 'hallelujah' [though i own the kate voegele cover].
listened to 'like we used to' and 'my hero' for the first time-definitely adding them to my current playlist! ♥ loved rocket to the moon's video too-so heartbreaking and adorable. thanks for sharing your musical addictions! :)

currently on constant repeat:
All This Time - OneRepublic
Baby - The Phenomenal Handclap Band
Fact Fiction - Mads Langer
Mr Rock & Roll - Amy MacDonald
Sound of Sunshine - Michael Franti and Spearheads
Green - Brendan James
I Found Out - The Pigeon Detectives

Mariella said...

Love almost all of those songs... the other I have not heard of, but plan on listening to. :)