going raw.

i've come to the realization, that i'm not a true-to-myself blogger as of late. i've fallen into the wretched trap that is "for-you-blogging". i've been writing posts that i think will be entertaining, or stir some good conversation. i've been keeping things light and fluffy and searching for specific topics to focus on. i've been blogging for the wrong reasons.
when i came to this harsh realization, my first thought was "maybe i should just cancel my blog." then i felt an immediate sense of loss. you see, i've always been a writer. i've never NOT written in one form or another whether it be fan fiction or papers for school, extensive letters to those i care about or, for the last 3 years, blogging. so deleting my blog became out ruled just as quickly as the thought had entered my brain.
the answer was quite simple really. i just needed to change my reasons for blogging. blogs shouldn't be about followers or comments. it shouldn't be about posting everyday just so your readers have something to read, or posting the most innovative, creative pictures in the bloggersphere. it should be about you. your thoughts. your feelings. your words. it should be you. as for my blog, it wasn't me and it wasn't about me. it was about you. the readers. as much as i love my readers, i feel like i've become this certain person on my blog. someone who is really only a small portion of who i really am. my blog is a shallow reflection of me and my life and i've become unhappy with that.
because of all this, i've decided something. i've decided to blog for me now. if i feel like posting about my religion, i'm going to do it (something i've shied away from because i know what a touchy subject religion can be), if i feel like posting about some crazy idea i've had or a sentimental story i've heard, then i'm going to post it. - i know awhile back, i said things were going to change with my blog, and they might have for a few weeks, but i feel like i'm back in the rut that i don't want to be in. that rut stops here. no more posting only what i think my readers care to read about. no more shallow posts with lots of pictures and very little words. i'm a writer. i have thoughts. they deserve to be heard. i deserve to be heard.
don't get me wrong. not every post is going to be loaded with words and deep thoughts of mine. i'll still post some short and sweet stuff too but from here on out, everything you read is me. everything, is row.

that being said, i present to you, my new and finalized blog: spar[row] child raw.
written, edited, and "picturized" by the one and only, me. "sparrow" lucille bloomfield.



Amyschmamey said...

I like this a lot. I can relate to it. I came to this same realization a while back. Now I just blog about things that are relevant to me. It seems the only logical way to blog. Excited to see this new direction for you. Glad to be following. :)

amylou said...

Love the new header and excited about the change. =)

yours truly dear said...

here here!! :] i guess great minds think alike? haha