mean girls.

so, my roommate/bestie kdp and i are... friendly people, but we also don't deal with fake, stupid people and so our group of friends is slim. we have our "regular" friends what we hang out with all the time and we're both okay with that. no need to deal with the phonies when we already know who our real friends are.
well, kdp's birthday is coming up and i'm planning something for said birthday. i asked kdp to make a list of people she would like invited so i knew who to contact.

kdp titled that list "people i don't hate".

is it just me, or is that funny?!


Amyschmamey said...

I like the "people i don't hate" ;) just an observation. :) I have a good few of them in my life. :) They keep me happy.

Maggie said...

i hope im on that list!

Meghan said...

Since husband and I are all we really need, most of our good friends live out of town. This is nice because they're right where we want them. Most of them we only see once a year or so and we're just fine with that.

yours truly dear said...

it's pretty funny. my husband and i are totally the same way haha.