in the spirit of giving...

i know i said when i hit 75 followers that i'd do a give away, and i still intend to hold true to that promise. thank you to those of you who are bearing with me and waiting patiently! it will happen within the next few weeks for sure.

to hold you over though, my blogger friend amyschmamey is doing a give away:

hop on over to her blog and be sure to enter! its some adorable stuff she's giving! 

good luck to you!


Amyschmamey said...

Why Thank you for the plug. You are too kind.

bananas. said...

well aren't you a sweetie for sharing :)

connally said...

i stumbled on your blog from 'biscuit', fell in love with it and just read this post after following you. and i'm #75! :) serendipitous, dontcha think?
anyways, love your blog and looking forward to reading more lovely posts. ♥