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fall means more than just great fashion and beautiful weather. it also means the beginning of brand new seasons of some of my favorite shows. last week, this  week, and next week all mark the re-start of some of my favorite shows on t.v. - observe:
how i met your mother
seas. 6
"haaaave you met ted?" - this show, in my opinion, is one of the funniest shows on television right now. between marshall (jason segel) and lily's witty banter and barney's (neil patrick harris) inappropriate one-liners, this show rocks my socks. 
(himym airs on cbs on monday nights at 8/7c)

gossip girl
seas. 4
oh chuck bass. *swoon* alright so i watch for other reasons besides chuck, but even if i didn't, could you blame me? the fashion alone is another number one reason to watch...
(gossip girl is aired on the cw on monday nights at 9/8c.)

america's next top model
cycle 15
besides tyra's annoying theatrics at the end: "the next girl's name i am going to say is..." ugh! just say it already!! i really like this show! its actually one of the few reality shows of its kind that i like. (i don't do idol or biggest loser or anything like that...) this cycle has some hideously beautiful girls, which i love! my favorites are esther, annamarie, and ann. they are so quirky beautiful.
(antm is aired on the cw on wednesday nights at 8/7c)

the big bang theory
seas. 4
as confusing as the dialogue can be in this show, i love it. its so confusing that it makes sense. sheldon is by far my favorite character, but the other four are worth watching as well.
"penny!" *knock, knock, knock* "penny!" *knock, knock, knock* "penny!"
(the big bang theory airs on cbs on thursday nights at 8/7c)

what shows do you watch/which shows are you excited for to start back up again?

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