you had me until the chacos. {part 2}

huzzah for part 2 of "you had me until the chacos"! today i'll be looking at the more positive side of things and letting the world know what i do like about the way guys dress (yesterday was what i didn't like.). of course there is much more to a person than just appearance, but usually that's what first gets me interested in getting to know someone of the opposite sex, therefore i pay close attention to it.
basically, my ideal fashionista in boy form can be explained all in one name: justin timberlake. forgive me if i photo him a lot.

so, boys, i'll notice your:
1) fedoras - guys in hats are awesome all together, but fedoras are my absolute favorite.
2) suspenders - i love a little bit of an old fashioned feel and the suspenders definitely add that to an ensemble!
3) chucks with your suit - the chucks give just enough nerdiness to the dressiness that the suit already is. perfect combo. like chips and salsa or chuck bass and blair waldorf.
4) layers - i don't know why i like layers so much. i just do. maybe its because they are so versatile... or maybe its simply because the look so darn good!
5) aviators - love me a good pair of aviators!
6) nice, fitted jeans - see. zac shows us the proper jeans to wear and how to wear them. you can do a lot with a good pair of jeans.
7) light colored suits - dark suits are nice too. lighter ones are just less common which equals a special treat when i do see them!
8) vests - just yum okay??

as far as face and hair:
1) euro hawk/euro mullet/futbol mullet - whatever you want to call it, i love it. it shows that the guy actually took a little bit of time to do his hair in the morning.
2) 5 o'clock shadow - clean shaven is nice too, but there is something about a 5 o' clock shadow...
3) tousled - tricky hair style, but can be done! i love it.
4) curly - boys + curls = awesome-yes-please
5) shaggy - a little bit of length is okay with me. just stay away from the fabio looking stuff...
6) faux hawk - a classic hair style that still hasn't gone out
*runner up - shaved head. i'm not talking biced. no thank you. but cut down to a 2,3, or 4 is nice. not many guys can pull this one off. its a rarity which makes it beautiful!

the fact of the matter is, people are beautiful in their own little ways and we all have our opinion on what is beautiful and what isn't. i guess that's why they say "beauty is in the eye of the beholder"!

what catches your eye when it comes to outer appearance?!


Anonymous said...

Don't take offense, but after reading your last two blog post's despite your self proclaimed "but I'm not shallow" I believe you are fairly shallow. Wishing for a guy who puts as much work into his look as you, and hoping for one that is concerned with fashion, and can properly and flawless style his hair? What you are looking for, by description, is a woman. The pictures of the celebrities you have shown are not how 99% of normal male specimens will ever look or dress. Not to mention everyone of those styles was likely done by a wardrobe department and hair stylist. Have you ever seen pictures of celebrities in the real world. They are almost always lazily dressed just like everyone else. Men are not women, they wake up and throw on whatever is baggy and comfortable, they style their hair in whatever way suits them and still takes less than 5 minutes, and trust me ever single man you will ever meet owns a pair of basketball shorts.

amylou said...

Thanks for your sweet comment! I love the name of your blog and your profile picture and...well...everything else. Super cute blog!

And I think I pretty much agree with everything in this post.

Have a great week!

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

cute cute blog :)

row said...

@anonymous - you can call me shallow. its cool. i realized going into these posts that at least one person would bash my preferences and that's just fine.
like i said in my first post, i don't expect guys to take as much time as i do in the mornings. that would be silly. i'm a girl. it takes me a good hour to get ready and sometimes more. i still want guys to be guys, but mainly i just wish they would care more. i feel like, as a girl, i'm held to this high standard of having to look nice: pretty hair, nice "natural" looking make-up, cute style, shaved legs and pits, painted fingers and toes... i don't mind looking nice, but why not expect guys to do the same thing (take a little bit of time)? i don't expect my guy to look like a celebrity at all. again, that would be silly. as you said, they have personal stylists and such. BUT i used those pictures to show different fashion trends that i like. i wasn't using the actual guy as what i'm looking for! so i like the way some of the celebrities dress (or for your sake, are styled) but i've seen "normal" guys wear what i've described too. they are out there! however, its easier to do a search on a celebrity who you know is wearing what you like rather than some random joe who works at wal mart or a car wash...
and guys don't HAVE to look that way to look attractive. there are many other styles, and "types" of guy that i find attractive. the point of the post wasn't to say "you have to look like this or your hideous!" it was more to say "here is what i like and don't like and why."
and as i also said in one of my posts, this is strictly outer appearance preferences. i would never date someone just becuase of their looks. i'm very into personality, values, aspirations, beliefs etc. BUT since outer appearance is what we all first see, that's what i addressed in this post. it was what was on my mind. i may later do posts about personality traits or something like that, but that's not what these posts are targeted towards.
girls are judged just as much as guys on outer appearance and maybe even more harshly! i just don't think guys realize how much they are being "judged" as well.

i don't care if guys own 30 pairs of basketball shorts. there is a time and place for them just like sunday best and flip flops. - a girl would get critisized if all she wore was gym clothes. you know she would!

hope i shone a little bit of light on more of whats going on inside my head. - call me shallow. i don't care. its not going to change me caring about what guys look like. and besides, everyone is shallow their own little way!

@amylou - you are so sweet! thank you so much!!

Amyschmamey said...

Nice taste. :)

Melissa Blake said...

great post! xoxo