i've decided.

with my recent winnings of the most awesome give away ever, and successful give aways i've done in the past, i've decided that when i hit 75 followers, i will do another give away. (that means i have 18 followers to go.) tell all your friends and we'll get the party started! (if you are crafty and are ever interested in being featured on my blog and doing a give away for my rock-tastic followers, e-mail me at sparrow.child {at} hotmail {dot} com!)

in other news, here's a few pictures that i've found this week that have inspired me, resonated with me, or are just plain awesome.






happy friday one and all!


amylou said...

giveaways are fun!

PS. that cupcakes is making me hungry! :)

Happy Friday!

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Hey sweetie. I'm sure the number of followers you have will definitely be increasing, afterall you have such a fun blog. Have a happy weekend

Rebecca Armstrong said...

I love these pictures, especially the message - it's so cute!


Leah said...

Beautiful images to celebrate a lovely weekend... looking forward to your give-away. xoxo


great photos!! come follow me xoxo