why do i keep changing my blogger banner?
because. i haven't found something that screams "this is me!" just yet. i get closer and closer everytime, but haven't quite struck gold.
in addition to that, change = me. i'm a chameleon. an ecclectic. so the frequent changing of my blog kind of represents the way i live my life. 

that is all.

tally ho.


erica marie said...

I'm also trying to find the right look for my blog. I need a change.

Alecia said...

ha i love this! i think you are genius by just being YOU. For real. I don't know if i could ever try to create your style because you are just awesome the way you are. I love what you come up with. I change, or used to change pretty often as well. I can't stick with one thing for too long. there's nothing wrong with that!

row said...

@amy thanks you are too sweet. i think i'm liking the one i have now though. it just took some coaxing!

@eric i know right?!

@alecia thank you, thank you, thank you. you inspired me. :)

amylou said...

...and I change my blog constantly too.
Love the Alice in Wonderland quote. =) Too cute!