you had me until the chacos. {part 1}

*this is strictly subjective. these are my opinions and my personal preferences.

don't you hate it when you're totally checking out a guy/girl (which ever suits your fancy) and everything is good up until that one seemingly small thing that you just can't let go of? like a... mole right in the middle of their forehead, or the middle finger that's shorter than all the other fingers. of course these are silly little things that we as flawed human beings should be able to look past, but the reality is: we can't. (now, i understand there are people out there that look past the flaws, but its subjective right? the flaws you may look past on one person, might really bother you on another person...)

well, today i saw a rather good looking guy walking down the hall at school. the hair was good, the face was good, body, out fit (yes, i look at the outfit.), legs, all good and then i spotted them. the chacos. (cue the shocked-at-what's-just-happened music. dun, dun, dun!) at that point, everything was ruined for me. the guy was no longer attractive. that's right. i judged him by his footwear. confession: i do it all the time! but i'm not shallow. since i wake up every morning and carefully choose what i'm going to wear and take time to care about how i look in my clothes rather than just yanking something out of the closet and putting it on, hoping it matches or fits, i hold dateable-guys to the same standard! while i don't expect them to go through the same rituals as i do each morning i do expect them to look nice in what they're wearing. because of this, i've been inspired to do a 2 part series entitled "you had me until the chacos." part 1 is what guys shouldn't wear. part 2 will be what tickles my fancy.

now, i don't really have a "type" of guy. guy is my type. but, when it comes to fashion, i know what i absolutely do not like.
in the way of clothes and appearance, these are a few things that turn me off. waaaaay off:

why? because unless your hiking or camping, they aren't necessary! not to mention they give the wearer hideous tan lines. i'd take a farmer's tan over a chaco tan any day! save the chacos and tevas for havasupai.

why? i don't care what celebrity wears them, unless you are working in the garden, on a boat, or are under the age of 10, crocs are not okay. plastic shoes died out in the mid-90's for a reason.
(and do you really want to be lumped in with this guy?)
but really, crocs and chacos aren't nice or attractive. to me they scream first-pair-of-shoes-i-could-find. why not take a few extra minutes and choose shoes that you actually have to tie... or get a pair of toms. at least those are a little nicer looking.

carpenter jeans
why? because i know you went to wal-mart and got the first pair of jeans that fit you without even caring about what they look like. if you're not a carpenter, you obviously don't need carpenter jeans. again, take some time and find a nice pair of jeans that make the girls go "whoa!" believe me. the right pair of jeans can absolutely do that for you!

basketball shorts
why? well, if you're going to actually play basketball (or any other sport), then fine. wear them!! but if not, please, wear some clothes that don't make you look like you're heading to or coming from the gym.

looooong hair
why? not even fabio looked good with the long locks. if the hair is longer then mine, i'm out. its the prince's job to wait around for rapunzel. not mine.

luckily its rare that i run into these fashion-absolutely-nots, but when i do, i cringe.
tune into tomorrow to see what impresses me appearance wise about guys. and while you're waiting, share what is absolutely unacceptable for you when it comes to the outer side of the opposite sex!
p.s. welcome to my newest followers brie and brittany!


Court J said...

Love your blog!! I am the same way. I don't feel like I am shallow, but I do the exact same things you do! Become immediately turned off by little things guys do. "I hold dateable-guys to the same standard" Love it!

Grace said...

I hate it when guys wear girl clothes, I mean really?

Amyschmamey said...

I can totally agree with a lot of these.

Brie said...

hello i love your blog too! and carpenter jeans are awful! but you know what's even worse? carpenter jean shorts

Brie said...

hello i love your blog too! and carpenter jeans are awful! but you know what's even worse? carpenter jean shorts

cardiogirl said...

Thank you so very much for hating long hair on men. In college I swear I was the only chick. Who. Ha. TED. It.

Where you back in the late 80s when I need you?

leyla said...

haha, this is funny. I do the same thing, and i used to hate chacos. they're amazing for hiking/camping/rivers. and it's weird, but i love tan lines. how can i tell how much sun i got if i don't have the tan line to prove it? weird, I guess, but there's so much rain and clouds in the willamette valley in oregon than sun and anything associated with it - even tan lines - are amazing.

Ashley said...

I love this! Thanks for the laugh! I totally agree with every word of this post. Sometimes I feel like I judge people to harshly, but I can't help myself. My boyfriend was considering buying some of those god awful sandals... I was just like NO! BOYS DON'T WEAR SANDALS!

Mariella said...

I love your blog and feel exactly the same way.

It goes without saying that I am now a follower of your blog... because it is awesome. :)