the principles of uncertainty.

we all like stuff right? well, i thought i'd share some recent finds that i l-o-v-e. cause then maybe you could get this stuff and love it too.

the principles of uncertainty
i'm not very far in this book yet, but so far i really like it. the woman who wrote it, maira kalman, also did all the art work in it. its beautiful.

burt's bees muscle mend
so, my job requires me to stand for hours at a time. there is no sitting. because of this i've been having major muscle pains. i finally broke down and picked up some of this stuff and have been pretty addicted ever since. its basically natural, organic icy hot. yes please.

despicable me
if you haven't seen this flick yet, go see it. it was funny and adorable and great all rolled in to one which = awesomeness. also, it has steve carrell and jason segel which also = awesomeness.

maybeline gel eyeliner
i'm so addicted to this stuff. there is so much you can do with it and its sooo easy to use. if you want beautiful cat eyes but don't want to mess with other eye liners, i highly recommend picking up some of this magical wonderment. (it comes in multiple colors too. love.)

anything you're loving on this week?
do tell.


ICantPayMyFines said...

I am loving Trader Joe's Super Seeded Tortilla Chips!

lydia. said...

i will definitely look into that book! : )
i also really want to try that eyeliner.

amylou said...

Love Despicable Me.
Edith is my favorite!
I want a little girl just like her! haha

Maybe I should try that Burt's Bees. Sound like it works.

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Oooh loving this stuff.

I'm just really happy with whoever invented boxes. Because they are making my life much easier.