have you hugged your kids today?

so, i'm not a mom, but i am an older sister. i have five younger siblings ranging in ages from 22-5. (yeah, that's how we do.) sometimes i feel like a mom because of how long i've been helping take care of the two youngest, boo (9) and m (5), but i love the feeling. if taking care of them has given me any sort of glimpse into mother-hood whatsoever, and if my children are anything like them, i'll have a wonderful time being a mother. these little guys brighten my life in so many different ways.

i love that they know music. they request to listen to things like: newsies (sieze the day), journey (don't stop believing), roisin murphy (rama lama bang bang) and anything jack johnson.

i love that they get excited about things like: human shaped pancakes with blueberries in them, applebees, and going to the park.

i love that they are all boy. they love star wars and super heroes and indiana jones. they like getting dirty and playing hard.

i love how smart they are. boo talks like he's about 40 years old and m taught himself the alphabet. they are like geniuses inside little kid bodies.

i love their giant sized imaginations. they can create anything they want and they never hold back.

i love the hugs and kisses they smother me in and i love doing the same.
i love that no matter what i do, they still love me and they never fail to tell me that they love me.

these boys have shown me how to enjoy life and to focus on the simple things.
i hope everyone has someone in their life that does the same.

have a delightful weekend!


Amyschmamey said...

I. Love. This. Post!

So Amazed said...

Thanks for this post. I needed it! Can't wait to get home. I miss all of you soooo much. Have the kids call Daddy later. He hasn't talked to them for a few days. He misses all of you too.

lydia. said...

aww! this is so sweet.
i think because it reminds me a lot of myself and my family. i'm also the oldest of 6 children, and i love it!
so special. :)
i loved this post!


Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

These pics are adorable! Such a great post!

amylou said...

I love this post! I feel the same about my little brother. Siblings are so precious!

bananas. said...

i have found those "someones". they're called bulldogs. my boys bodie and omar light up my life! i swear! haha.

row said...

@bananas bulldogs are fully capable of lighting up ones life! you're dogs are friggin adorable. i don't blame you!