i've been thinking about the little things in life that make me happy. for me, its never any one big thing. its always beautiful little gems that make me feel happy inside and keep me smiling throughout life. i find new ones every day and, to me, that's the beauty of life. finding joy in all things.
well, i thought, since we can all use a little joy in our life at one point or another, that i would share my latest "amores" with you and encourage you to reflect upon your own!

google's wizard of oz icon
when i saw this, it made me smile. the wizard of oz is one of my favorite movies, and judy garland one of my favorite actresses. i actually played dorothy once. it was a wonderful experience and the wizard of oz always will be and always has been a fun, happy memory for me.
{google chose this as their icon in celebration of the 71st anniversary of the wizard of oz.}

the fact that i can black mail kdp into doing things for me by simply threatening to give her the sytycd results before she's watched them!

choreographed by: nappy tab
danced by: robert & dom
first of all, robert was my favorite dancer on so you think you can dance this season (season 7), second of all, this dance is so wade-robson-esque that i love it, and thirdly, nappytab are phenomenal choreographers. phenomenal. please watch. please love it.
i want this on a reel in my house never stopping. constant happy.

receiving sweet texts, phone calls, e-mails, facebook message and blog comments from my amazing friends, family, and readers.

glitter in the air
by: p!nk
i love this song. no specific reason, its just amazing.
the lyrics are beautiful and very thought provoking.
{also, this specific performance is... wow! she sings it with so much conviction and desperation. that and the added fact that she's sopping wet, hanging upside down from a piece of silk fabric, spinning around like a trapeze artist and still belting out the lyrics like it aint no thang!}

the feeling i get when boo and little m call me and tell me about their day.

my remarkable friends and family
what are the gems in your life this week?

*update: my mom's wrote a similar post a few days ago. since her blog is private, i thought i'd share her sweet list on my blog!

Ahhh, the simple things
by: mom

I haven't been feeling too great the last day or two. Probably because my boat is rockin and rollin on the river of life right now...which is okay with me but I think all the turbulence has left me a little sea sick.

I put off going to bed as late as I could last night due to the fact that I had been dizzy most of the day and trying to lay down while dizzy just doesn't work for me. So I went to bed around 1:00am.

As I lay down and closed my sleepy eyes the room started spinning and it was very hard to relax and so, as I often do while falling asleep, I thought of the simple things in life. You know, those awesome little things that aren't really life changing and that you could probably survive without, but that bring so much joy to your heart when you experience them? Yeah, those little simple things. Such as:

A bouqet of dandelions clutched tightly in the hand of a sweaty little boy who saw them and thought of you while out at play
Warm, gooey home made chocolate chip cookies fresh out of the oven
Wet, sticky kisses all over you face from the tender lips of a 5 year old at the end of a long day
The soft touch of a gentle breeze blowing through your bedroom window as you fall asleep at night
Snuggling with the one you love on cold winter nights
The sounds of screaming and laughing trailing up the stairs from the basement late at night when your teenagers are supposed to be asleep
Taking a drive on a lazy afternoon just to see the crops growing in the fields and the flowers in bloom
Having a slumber party with your adult sisters
Knowing who you are, where you came from, and where you are going
An e-mail from an old friend...just to say hello
Long talks into the night with your teenage son
Cafe Rio salads
A washer and dryer that both work at the same time
Having enough money to go to the laundromat if they don't
Home made blueberry smoothies
Warm blankets straight from the dryer
Pictures from a family vacation
Spinach artichoke dip on warm french bread
Jacuzzi tubs
The smell of rain
Listening to waves at the beach
The laughter of children

thanks for sharing mom!


ChinkyGirLMeL said...

I've always loved the Wizard of Oz. =) It is a cute, fun movie and it does take me back to my younger days. Little gems that make me smile on a day to day basis would have to be messages too, be it a text message, an email, snail mail. Whenever I see that I have mail it just lights up my face. =)

Amyschmamey said...

The gems in my life are that I am really enjoying blogs so much right now. My hair is almost to my shoulders, my daughter starts 1st grad tomorrow, I get Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt tonight, My neighbor is awesome, and my best friend is amazing. Great post!

lydia. said...

well, for starters, that song is now totally a gem in my life! i hadn't heard it until just now, and um...WOW.
so beautiful!
it made me cry.
annnd. i'm going to watch it again now!

thanks for sharing!

amylou said...

I love Wizard of Oz also and saved that image to look at again. So creative!
I wish I could watch the videos but sadly my computer doesn't let me.
Love your little gems!

Maggie said...

Right now my most precious gem in my life is my beautiful daughter Eva! Her precious smile and glorious laugh bring joy into my life!