i, like every other american, saw inception this weekend. basically it was so phenomenal that i need to dedicate almost a full post specifically to the film and its creators:

dear christopher nolan,
thank you for making a wonderfully awesome movie. hollywood needs to take a tip from you and start being more creative and dynamic when it comes to making movies. although you do do sequels, you know how to do it and hold a story together. you are climbing my favorites list (which puts you right up there with steven spielberg, and tim burton). basically, i've loved everything you've done that i have seen and i say props my good man. props.
(yeah, wanna know why he's so amazing? BECAUSE HE'S BRITISH!)

dear cillian murphy,
swoon, heart, love, and all that good stuff. i was excited to see you in cn's latest film and hope you remain on his team of returning actors. i love you, i love you, i love you. muwah.
p.s. i only watch batman begins for you. only for you.
(so, he's irish, but he lives in london and guess, what? that totally counts.)

dear ellen page,
holy amazingness! you can act! i guess my girl crush on you is relevant, especially now. (speaking of girl crushes, did everyone hear my girl rosie (huntington-whiteley) is taking megan fox's place in the transformers trilogy? atta girl!) you did a fabulous job and you proved you can do more than just quirky. you can do wicked awesome and i love it. you are my biggest fan.

and to everyone else who was involved in inception, wonderful work guys! even leo dicraprio can have my nod of approval on this one. :)

that being said, there's really only one other matter i need to address right now and it has to do with this guy:

and these films:

that's right. it was confirmed this last week that there will be another mission impossible film. my one question, why?! does the world really need more mission impossible films? does the world really need more tom cruise films at all? i would think the answers would be no and no. absolutely not. come on hollywood, are you really that desperate for film ideas that you have to bring this series back from the dead? i mean really.

happy monday folks. make it a good one.

*all photos were found via google.com/images.


bananas. said...

saw inception this weekend...FRIGGEN LOVED IT!!!

my fav was tom hardy, the guy who played eames. and leo was AWESOME!!!

JMay said...

Wasn't Inception amazing!?