its the freakin' weekend.

i'm so glad its friday. so glad.
not only because my brother is heading down to visit for a day, but also because next week i get a 5 day weekend. that's right, 5 friggin days of soaking up the 112 degree rays of sun that is st. george, ut. most people would moan at triple digits, but i'm from the 435. i welcome it. i'm the type of  crazy phsyco wearing long sleeved cardigans and bundling up in blankets even through the summer season.

anyway, i've had some pretty random things on my mind today and i just thought i'd share.
for starters, i love that people think i'm anywhere from 2-6 years younger than i actually am. last week i went in for a consultation with a professor of mine and he was mentioning the year i graduated, except he was way off. he thought i graduated in 2006 or even 2008. how flattering. try 2004 buddy. and then this week, as i was riding with the random good samaritan that took me to school on wednesday, i was telling her how i put school off for 6 years. she said "you don't look that old at all!" how sweet she is! but none of that changes the fact that in a little over a month i'll be 25 years old. i don't want to talk about it.

secondly, do you know what i hate? seeing dead animals. especially when i've seen them alive just days before. it makes me want to puke and cry my eyes out. the other day as i was walking home, i saw a tiny struggling bird on the side walk. i didn't know whether to leave it and let its mama come take care of it, or take it home and try to nurse it back to health. well, i left it (i know, i'm a huge jerk). today when i was walking home, i found it smooshed on the side walk like someone had stomped on it. rip my heart out why don't ya.

i've also been thinking about inception because, oh wait, i'm gong to see it tomorrow with gregward. i'm no leo dicaprio fan, but i do really like ellen page and i also l-o-v-e the dark knight and the prestige which coincidentally were directed and written by the same guy, christopher nolan, that directed and wrote inception so i figure it will probably be pretty good.

other then that, i plan to fully chill this weekend. no homework or housework, just me and my brother. yes please.

what's everyone doing this weekend?

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