because i can.

whoo! today is such a lazy day for me. i don't have to do ANYTHING... okay. that's kind of a lie i do have a little bit of homework, but that's it.
a few days ago i withdrew from two of my classes. the workload was just too much for me right now and the stress was consuming. between worrying about money and a job (or in my case, the lack there of), being away from my family, and 12 credits worth of accelerated summer classes, i was ready to just sit down a cry. so i did the most sensible thing i could think of: i withdrew from two of my classes. now i only have 6 credits and i feel much better about my life. holy canoli.

so, what do i intend to do on my lazy day off?

finish unpacking and making my house pretty so it no longer looks like a white trash, blue collared american is living i my home.
{above is my room right now (please ignore the poor phone quality pic. since i don't live at home anymore, i no longer have the luxury of using the wicked awesome canon rebel.)
below is what my room needs to look like.}

read a little in my book (i'm re-reading the harry potter series starting with book 3. i want to refresh my memory before the first half of the 7th movie comes out.)

and i'm going to see eclipse... again. because i can. 

what are you doing today? what do you do on your lazy days off?


Amyschmamey said...

YOU ARE AWESOME! I started re-reading the Harry Potter series as well FROM BOOK 3!!! ha ha ha. :) Great minds I think.

I need to see Eclipse again.

Lazy days off? What are those? ha ha ha... i kid. I won't have one of those for a while though. :(

Summer {Bisfor...} said...

i need to see eclipse. who will come with?

love the plates on the wall.

lazy days? i hang with the cats, bake something, make some headbands, watch movies.

Leah said...

I check out my favorite blogs, do some online window shopping, walk the dog and do some gardening. And those are what I did today... one of my lazy days.

Enjoy the rest of your day! xoxo