double feature day.

today i went and saw:
I have to say I was a bit disappointed with the later but gregward said it was only because i haven't seen any of the cartoons or anything. i think it was because i was expecting it to be a lot more epic then it actually was and i didn't realize it was made for kids. so, i'm sure that if i was like 10-12 i would have enjoyed it more. but it wasn't horrible. just not exactly my kind of movie.
it was sort of fun watching two jackson rathbone movies in one day, although in the last airbender his acting was a little... less then wonderful. i prefer him in twilight.
as for eclipse, it was great. (the previews were one of the best parts! the new harry potter trailer and the voyage of the dawn treader trailers were on eclipse. it was pure awesomeness) besides the movie itself there were some crazy wonderful stunts and camera shots that i really enjoyed (because yes, i look at things like camera angles and stunts in movies.) i must say new moon and eclipse have redeemed the twilight saga as far as movies go. they should re-make twilight right now and have it be as good as the last two movies have been or else remove it from the series completely because quite frankly its not worthy of its twilight name. and don't even get me started on breaking dawn. i don't even like the book and i think the movies should stop with eclipse.

anyway. i think that's plenty of vampire talk for now. - tomorrow is the 4th of july and i'm stoked. the 4th has always been one of my favorite holidays no matter what we've done and so i already know its going to be great tomorrow. i hope you all have as much fun as i do.

be safe. have fun. stay awesome.


Amyschmamey said...

I'm going to agree with you about removing Twilight movie or remaking it. It was soooooooo bad. I liked Eclipse, but was a little underwhelmed and disappointed in how they translated certain parts of the book to film. Loved the experience though. It was overall pretty good. Haven't seen the Last Airbender, but want to. Have fun on the 4th!

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

I have to agree that Twilight was bleh. I enjoyed New Moon and LOVED Eclipse. Twilight was a "what were they thinking"?

Leah said...

Eclipse is awesome... gotta love my Carlisle. Hahaha!