What do vampires, fire trucks, dogs, and baby aviators have in common? Nothing.

5 random pics and the story behind them:
*these are 5 pictures I had saved to my computer and the story behind them. Please excuse the poor quality on some of them, as they were taken with my BlackBerry.

Pic #1 - Robward. Of course I have a pic of him, right?
Well, there's not really a story behind this picture. I found it on we heart it.com and I thought it was pretty adorable (it is, right?), so I saved it. The end.

Pics #2 & 3 - My "fireman experience".
When I worked at the Olive Garden a few years back, I worked with a fireman. One night, a few of my friends and I put together a "don't-get-bored" care package for my friend and his fellow firefighters and went down to the station to pay them a visit. While we were there they gave us a tour of the firehouse and my friend even dressed me up in his gear. Even though we had to leave early because they got a call, it was so much fun to see the behind the scenes stuff of what they actually do when they're there. A few weeks later we were invited back to ride in the fire truck and spray the hose they use to put out fires with. It was like I was 5 years old all over again. Aka: it. Was. Awesome.

Pic #4 - My once-upon-a-time-dogs.
Once upon a time, I had a dog. A few years back my roommate Kiki and I purchased a brother and sister puppy. Enter Jersey Bella (she's the smaller one on the left, and yes I know Jersey Bella pretty much sounds like a stripper name...) and Eddie (bigger guy on the right). These dogs were so rambunctious and full of energy, it was hard to keep up with them! But we loved them just the same. I could tell so many crazy stories about these dogs (like the time Eddie ran out into the street and almost got smooshed by a car, or when I was too lazy to get up and let them out into the backyard so I put them out through the window instead...) but that would take up way too much time. (If you really want to hear a story, e-mail me and we'll talk.) When I moved I had to get rid of Jersey because I couldn't have dogs in my new house. It was a sad, sad parting and I still think about her all the time. I hope the family that took her is taking good care of her and loving her as much as I did. (I hope the same for Eddie too.)

Pic #5 - Baby aviators
I love doting on my little brothers. I probably shop for them almost as much as I shop for myself. It's great. - Anyway, I found these "baby aviators" at Gap and absolutely had to get them. Don't Boo and Little M look great? I think so at least.

So those are my 5 random photos for the day. I'd love for you all to play along. It's not hard at all! Simply choose 5 random photos you already have saved to your computer and tell why you like the particular photo or the story behind it. - If you do this on your blog, send a link! I'd love to see what kinds of neat things everyone has to share!
Happy Friday.


Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Fun, I may have to try this out sometime soon!

bananas. said...

awww your pups were so cute! i once shared a dog with my college roommate. when i moved out she stayed with her. she seriously was the best dog ever. miss her to this day.

row said...

@Krysten - you should! its always fun to go back through and look at all the random stuff you have experienced.

@bananas - the saddest part about getting rid of them was we had to seperate them. it was pretty horrible. :(