my letters to the universe.

dear scott disick,
you are not chuck bass. stop trying to be him. also, i agree with khloe. you probably are a closet sociopath. go away.
got not love,
creeped out girl
p.s. kourtney, you deserve better. like seriously.

dear kate nash,
i love your music. thanks for mostly keeping me in good spirits. that is all.
satisfied listener

dear all bachelor and bachelorette contestants,
really? really? can you seriously not sense a creepster/psycho-crazy right away? jillian with wes, jake with vienna, and now ali with justin. seriously? seriously. i could spot that within 5 minutes of the episodes i saw them in. what are your problems?


dear us soccer team,
ghana deserved to win with the way you played. you gave up. you can't always suck in the first half and come back strong. when will you learn that? boo.
disappointed fan

*all pics found via google images search engine


bananas. said...

OMG i HATE that scott guy. he's suuuuch a douch. and his outfits? HORRID! he really needs to be flown to pluto...with the quickness.

row said...

agreed! only chuck bass can pull of the completely corny over the top suits and such.
scott needs a one way ticket to anywhere but earth.