as the world turns.

so, i've been thinking a lot about my blog lately. since i left home i haven't blogged that much (obviously) and what i have blogged has been pretty much just fluff that i put up so i'd actually have a post. i don't like that. i liked sharing my random bits of nothingness with the bloggersphere and all that kind of good stuff. but since i've moved, i feel like a little bit of a different person. my life is different. i'm surround by different things now, different people and situations. thus, my thoughts on life have been slightly altered. i'm still me, but everyday i (as does everyone else) grow and learn and develop new characteristics, likes and dislikes, friends, and opportunities.
because of all this, i've decided to take a slightly different approach on my blogging. you may not even notice the changes, but i will know they're there. i hope that along with the changes, you can all accept my adjustments. if not, if my blog gets too boring or personal for you, i understand.
that's life. 

anyway, just thought i'd let you know what i am thinking. mostly because i like to know what others are thinking (that's why i read blogs!) 

hope everyone is doing well. i love to read your comments and blog posts. it helps me realize there are still some awesome people left in this world. :)


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Kristin said...

I hope that positivity comes for you through these life changes!