the freshman chronicles: intro

**first of all, please go to just a small town girl and read this post. everyone should take the time to do this whether they love or hate their body. what a magnificent exercise! -good luck kathleen!-

okay, well, i've started school officially.
yep. i'm 24 years old and a freshman in college. i know i'm starting late, but i don't care. at least i'm doing it.

my first thought the morning of my first day of school was "what was i thinking, signing up for an 8:45am (early for me) class?" but i was able to quickly get over it and make my way to school. my roomie, kiki, was so kind as to not only drive me to school, but to walk me through the campus so i wouldn't be completely lost when trying to find my classes. i know. what a great roomie right? i was half expecting her to take my hand and tell the other kids to "be nice to her little girl" but it didn't happen. luckily.

even though i only have four classes, three of them are pretty spread out over campus. its a lot of walking and not much time to do so. i'm thinking about getting a segway to help me get from class to class on time. plus it would be pure awesomeness riding around campus on one while all the jealous haters just stared at me. and i think its legal. someone was riding their mountain bike in the building the other day so i figure a segway would be alright.

my first class (public speaking) went on with no slip ups. i was on time, the teacher was pretty awesome (he's pretty funny, and laid back which works for me) and my fellow students are all really outgoing. score. score. score.
my next class (intro to business) was a little different. i had time to make friends with a kid (who is also in my public speaking class) and get to my next class v-e-r-y early (something i was worried about due to the fact that its clear across campus) because our professor... or teacher, whatever it is, didn't show up. after 30 minutes of waiting, we all bolted. it was a good thing i had lots of time because i got lost trying to find my next class. i most definitely would have been late and no one wants that on their first day. i even had a few minutes to browse through the bookstore and contemplate getting a jamba juice (i decided against it).
so then my third class of the day (intro to writing) started. the teacher is great. he's a professor by day and a lawyer by... afternoon. one of the first things we talked about was the world cup, which, as a soccer fan, is great fun. however, he did give me my first assignment of my 2010 school year. a narrative essay.
my last class (american government) was... interesting. besides the fact that i'm one of three girls (the rest of the class is made up of boys, boys, and more boys. that's the kind of minority you want to be!) my extremely cynical teacher (no really. he's so cynical i'm surprised he's not british.) walked in and started off by saying (this is not a word for word quote, but it is a true quote) "i'm not going to take roll, or learn your names because i don't care what they are. i've already looked at all of you and made my judgments and i know which ones of you are losers and which ones aren't." whoa! okay. i hope he didn't put me in the loser category...

over all, first day wasn't bad. i have a feeling its going to get a bit more tough pretty quick though...

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