warning: venting in session. enter at own risk.

can i just vent for a second please? i realize all these matters that i'm about to address are really minuscule and un-important when it comes to actual life (aka life outside of the world wide web), however i don't care.
i also realize this could get pretty lengthy with explanation. again, i don't care.
i'm usually a pretty positive, easy going type of gal, but today i'm just annoyed.
*please note, none of these have to do with any of my readers. all 32 of you. :)

things i'm annoyed with today {or lately}.

{posts about dogs.}
don't get me wrong. i love dogs. i've had a few in my day and hope to have more someday.
i think they're cute and funny and great little buds. 
i even understand that dogs are like children to most people and that's something i can accept too. pictures of dogs on your side bars or as display pics don't even bother me. and neither do posts every once in awhile about how cute snuffles is, or that bingo is sick, or that fluffy is learning to go potty outside like a champ.
but constant posts (we're talking every day) about your dog and even worse, blogging like you are the dog?
come on.

{celeb/hollywood drama}
as a cosmetologist, i feel its part of my job description to stay up on the celebrity gossip. often times, clients that come in seek common ground with what i and she knows about who (um, did that make sense??). some stars i care about what's going on (i.e. sandra bullock, drew barrymore, justin timberlake etc.) and some i simply skip over (i.e. brangelina, or tomkat.)
but there are some celebs that i'm so sick of hearing about that whenever their name comes up i want to projectile vomit over whoever the poor sap was that brought it up.
i'm sick of hearing about:
{miley cyrus}
and she's everywhere. unavoidable. like taxes and death.

{justin beiber}
or is it bieber?... idk.
his hair looks like a helmet, his hats make him look like fivel the mouse, and when i hear his stuff on the radio i always have to double check with who ever is closest "is this a girl or a guy?"
this is one girl who's never gettin' beiber fever.

{lady gaga}
i like to refer to her as "lady gag-me". what is it about her that everyone is so mesmerized by?

{the gosselins}
so they had a ton of kids. who cares. thousands of families do that everyday and you don't see them trying to get money off their kids by starring in a reality tv show.
i thought we'd be in the clear once jon and kate plus 8 was canceled and they finally divorced, but no! they have to go invite the lady to join dwts.

{"r-patz" & "k-stew" aka robsten}
are they together or aren't they? who cares. 
really, who cares? 
what would be the benefit of knowing whether they were or weren't? 
plus kristen kind of drives me crazy. - i still have my love for rob though. 

{facebook posts/pictures}
facebook in general has been pretty annoying lately.
adds from people i don't know (this isn't myspace kids), people posting rude things about each other in status updates (this is also not middle school), and way too many adds for the facebook games (which i will admit i used to play, but i don't anymore.) but the two things that are getting me the most annoyed lately are: status updates letting the world know just how sick you are (for instance: a little less mucus then yesterday but my nose still feels like niagra falls. or can't get my head out of the toilet.) why can't you just sum it up with: i feel like crap?
and secondly: skanky pictures. way too many girls are posting way too much of themselves. (again, this isn't myspace!) and i can't help but feel the only reason a lot of them do it is to generate degrading, i'm-your-slab-of-meat type comments from guys. 
newsflash! its not cute. its trashy. don't do it. - with the amount of skin i've been seeing from my fb friends, i've felt like a freshman college student on mtv's spring break in the bahamas (which may sound cool, but was never something i was into.)
that about sums up my annoyances lately.
other than that i'm about peachy keen!
(and getting ready for a really exciting blog week next week. crush week. - i'll be talking [blogging] about all sorts of crushes. its going to be awesome. really.)
what are you sick of?


Deals, Steals and Heels said...

i love the biebs. but i'm with you on the gosselins...and blogging AS your dog?? so not cool.

bananas. said...

let it out girl! you know i always do ;)

while i agree with some of the things on here (miley, fb status updates, skanky pictures, etc), i don't agree with others so i will just ignore the fact that you dissed my boy bieber and my lady love gaga ;)


oh and posts where the person writes like it's from the dog are just weird.

Maki said...

Amen to that!! I agree with every single thing that you're annoyed. I'm tired of hearing about Kate and Miely. I don't know why people think they are great..

Just stumbled on your blog - very nice!!!!

row said...

dhs and bananas - you can love bieber all you want! make up for the lack he's getting from me. haha.

Amyschmamey said...

Ok. I had this whole reply typed out and I hit the back browser button accidentally so here I am at square one.
I do not like dogs but I can stomach my best friend's dog posts.
Posting as a dog=wierd
Tyra Banks is scary embarassing to watch.
I am guilty of the "i'm sick" fb status updates... I don't do it alot. I was really sick recently... fb asked what was on my mind and it was SNOOOOOOOOOT. ha ha ha.

I am annoyed by... cupcakes.

Alecia said...

this made me laugh and was quite entertaining. although i don't agree with all of it, i'm glad you put it. i love venting sessions, and think we are all entitled to them frequently.

row said...

@amy - welcome to the blog! :) i hate when i do that! things are always wittier the first time you type them up, no? - anyway. i love rob. i don't love kristen however i'm just sick of hearing about whether they're together or not. they are. they just told oprah. haha.
i love cupcakes. love them. but they are a hype right now so i can understand why they'd be annoying!!

@alecia - i needed it! now that i've said everything that was annoying me, i'm over it! haha.