my 1st book signing.

*i apologize in advance for the craptastic quality of the photo i'll be sharing. that is all.

i recently went to my first ever book signing.
i've always heard of book signings just never been to one.
aprilynne pike (author of wings and spells) came to our town and my friend recruited me to go along with her to the signing.
i'm glad i did.
aprilynne (who is such a funny gal btw) shared the story of how wings came about and her journey to publication. it was great for me to hear since i am currently working on achieving the same goal. i ended up buying both the books (i had read wings last year when it very first came out and was anxious to read the sequel, spells, after its release a few weeks ago) and was able to have them signed by aprilynne! how inspiring. 
if you haven't read wings (or spells) i highly, highly, highly recommend them. 
especially if you like twilight.  
(you can read more about them on my ♥book recommendations & reviews♥ page) 


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