its the vamps b-day.

*please forgive me for this post. :)

happy birthday robert.
(my one true love.)
my how you've grown. we've had some fun times together haven't we? 
remember when i was anxiously waiting in my theatre seat for harry potter 4 to begin?
you came on the screen as cedric diggory and i shouted to the entire theatre "cedric diggory is my boyfriend!" (and then those rude, insensitive-to-young-love spinsters turned around and shushed me. but i didn't care because i knew we'd always be in love!)
and it seems like just yesterday when ashes texted me and said cedric diggory was just cast as edward cullen. (ironically, ash was also in the theatre w/ me when i professed my love for you the first time...)
after that a world of love and hate surrounded us, but we remained strong.
i've always been there for you.
then you became "robsten" and "r-patz" and all sorts of other horrible people.
but i've always forgave you for the bad things you've dong (remember me, kristen stewart).
and in the end, i've always known our love was true.
you come second to no one (except for ben barnes) and i hope you look back and smile at the fun times we've had, just like i do.

happy birthday.

(ha. ha. ha.)


p.s. is it just me or do robert and jt look alike?


Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Oh yum. Definitely a big happy birthday to him!

I am Danielle and you are? said...

How come you did not like Remember Me? I have it on my Netflix list.


Amyschmamey said...

ha ha ha. so cute. Funny story... I remember watching GOF and thinking this guy is SOOOOO not cute enough to play Cedric. I imagined him so much cuter... HOWEVER, put some vampire makeup on that boy and he is definitly stellar. AND he is a very talented actor, Twilight excluded.

row said...

@amy - i loved that story! ha ha. i started out liking him because he played cedric. cedric is my favotire character in all the hp books. so i was just excited about him. then i went home and googled him and thought he was dang cute just as good ole' rob! :)
as for twilight, i basically hate that movie. new moon is WAY better and i'm hoping eclipse will be too. but i still watch it because i ♥ rob. :)