doing that thing you doooooo.

lets take a little flash back into the past shall we?
the year is 1996, i'm in 6th grade, just minding my own business, when
tom hanks releases a movie that will forever change my life. 

that thing you do 
"a man in a really nice camper wants to put our song on the radio!"
i never actually saw this flick in theatres. no, the first time i watched it was in the comfort of my own living room with my at-the-time bestie. i distinctly remember though, after the movie was over we immediately rewound (cause we were still using vhs at the time) it and watched it again.
after that i was hooked.
i bought the soundtrack, i watched the film over and over again and i was pretty obsessed with the fictitious band the wonders.
"do you know what these are?"
"preeeesidential flash cards?"
i wanted to know more about the beatles, the 50's and anything else that had to do with that thing you do. i stayed up late to watch the making of the movie on vh1, was able to quote the film word for word and talked of nothing else for a long time. i may or may not have even jammed out on the air drums with my sunglasses on while listening to the theme song that thing you do over and over and over again.

i can't really pinpoint what was so incredible to me about the movie, all i know is that it was my "happy place" when i was feeling down.

to this day, that thing you do remains one of my favorite movies. now its more because of the nostalgic-ness of the characters, the music, and the wonders but i'll always remember what a feel-good film this was for me.
"if that was a pick up line we're a match made in heaven!"

what was your favorite film as a kid?



Deals, Steals and Heels said...

"got it. looks like the oh-nee-ders"
"guys..chad fell down"

row said...

ah ha ha! i love it!

Angie said...

I loved this movie when it came out! Jeremy looked SO much like Shades in high school. Especially when he was drumming.

Leah said...

I've watched that movie when it was shown in the theaters. And I really love it. That's one Tom Hanks movie that I won't forget. xoxo