lets go on a picnik.

i just upgraded my picnik account.
(which, if you don't have photoshop, i highly recommend picnik.)
boy have i been having fun:
did a little celeb worthy editing on myself and keeks.

vampire-ized myself and shley.

gave santa the day off. (on request of little m.)

did some more celeb worthy editing on my cousin and i.

i love editing photos! it can keep me busy for HOURS.
good thing i'm taking a photog class fall semester!



Leah said...

I think I will take the Picnik plunge... I love what you did to the photos. Good work Lucille! xoxo

bananas. said...

LOVE picnik!!! your afters are hilarious but pretty dang good.

my only thing is people go a wee bit overboard on the thinify feature or skinny feature, whatever it's called, and the touch ups. but that's just my opinion.

row said...

leah- i recommend it! its $25 US dollars for a whole year. good deal if you ask me!

bananas- yeah compared to the befores the skin tones are SO orange. i look just like paris hilton! haha. - you can tell when a pictures is edited to the max and when its not. :)