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hi dears.
how was your weekend?
mine was pretty much supurb.
colored my hair (FINALLY! it was in desperate need of some major doage. i had regrowth grown out from december (which is the last time i did my hair)... yeah. not a pretty picture. {a special thanks to my sister for helping me do it! not one hour of hair school and she's already a pro!} - i may or may not be posting pictures soon. i have to decide whether its really that important...)
watched sherlock holmes (FINALLY! this was ALSO something that was long over due since its theatre release in december. - and yes, i liked it. a lot. mainly because of jude law, but yeah it was a good flick over all. kind of creeped me out though. notgunnalie.)
wrote some more on my book - (i'm writing my first book) its coming along quite nicely if i do say so myself. i was pretty blocked there for awhile but since this week, my creative juices have been flowing like the river stix and i'm expecting to have my first draft done in... about a month.
burned some cds - cause i'm ghetto like that! yes i have an iPod, BUT no way to play it in the car, so the cds i burn are to listen to in the car. plus i love making awesomly random mixes and drawing cute little doodles all over the cd. it takes me right back to middle school.
i won a give away - whoohoo for give aways! i won it awhile ago, but didn't realize it until this weekend. oops! anyway, it was by miss erica marie over at love notes. i won a beautiful piece out of her etsy shop sea of blooming dreams (its a lovely shop, i recommend checking it out.)
this weekend was also the beginning of my last month at home. yep. next month i'll be moving out and moving on. bittersweet feelings accompany this thought.

other than that i just had an over all good time. i love when all my family is home all at once and my house is loud and obnoxious and gloriously wonderful. :)

what did you do this weekend? any one else excited about iron man 2 this weekend?



Leah said...

I watched Iron Man 2 this weekend. It's very entertaining. And I was busy packing my luggage for my US trip.

Have a great week ahead! xoxo

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Looks like you had a fun busy weekend. Which reminds me, I need to recolor my hair too. The roots are growing back to its original color. Oh and I saw Sherlock Holmes when it came out, wasn't that movie great? =) Have a great week sweetie