read these or else:

i had so much fun with last wednesdays recommendations - where i talked about b is for brown, breathe and believelife is bananas, leah, the happenings of a not so cookie cutter mom, and hey gorgeous
that i've decided to do it agian.
you must check out these bloggers simply because they rock.

this lady is hilarious and she blogs a lot about shoes. um what more do you need in a blogger?
my thoughts exactly. - anyway, i highly recommend her if you need a good laugh or some shoes to swoon over because she's got both.

this is a great blog to read. she has some of the best finds and ideas ever. her blog is so charming that i just want to eat gingersnap cookies and drink chai tea while i read her posts! its a great blog to stop in on every once in awhile, or read religously.  

this blog is nothing but photos. she takes a photo everyday and posts it.
her work is so inspiring and beautiful. i love it.


also a photographer, but blogs about life as well. i love the projects she does and the things she shares.
they make my day!

happy reading friends.
have a stupendous wednesday!


p.s. check out what i'm growing!


Deals, Steals and Heels said...

how sweet are you?! so glad we found each other =)

row said...

why thank you! and i'm so glad we found each other too. woohoo!