the year of learning.

different cultures have different significances for each year.
according to the chinese calendar, 2010 is the year of the tiger.
another has claimed 2010 the year fat becomes phat.
i, however, am declaring 2010 the year of learning, growth, and new beginnings.
there is just so much i want to learn, see, experience, and do!
i'm an ambitious person by nature.
a yellow through and through.
but this year, i'm going to stop dreaming about the things i want to do,
and actually do them.
so, what do i want to learn and do?

{knit/cross stitch/sew(well)}

{web design/(more)computer skills}

{open an etsy shop}

{see the world}

{finish at least the 1st draft of my book}

{go to disneyland}

{read more}

{be more creative}

{get better at photography/photo editing}

{find the perfect boots}

and now that i've blogged about it all,
its like a binding contract.
i will do these things.
you will see.
what do you want to do this year?

pari holds the key to her heart,

{here is where i found each picture: ball of yarn, person on computer, etsy shop, travel destinations, notebook and pen, disneyland, reader, creativity never sleeps, camera lens, boots}

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