happy birthday to my baby sister.

today is my baby sister's 16th birthday.
boy. do i feel o-l-d.
happy birthday sister!

i you!
lets take a look at some of the good ole days:

{^disneyland 2006 - me, sissykins, sister.}

{^4th of july 2007 - sissykins, cousin b, me, cousin smee, sister.}

{^bowling 2008 - me, sister, cousin smee.}

{^yellowstone 2009 - sissykins, sister, moi.}

i hope you have a {wonderful} day,
an {awesome} month,
an {incredible} year,
and many more to come!
you look like a monkey,

{pics all courtesy of the familia's files on my computer.}

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Jacque said...

Aw that is sweet!! You're sister is so pretty!!