fun fact friday #8

fUn fAcT fRiDaY.
drum rollllllllllllll please.
i..... never.....
wear matching socks!

i don't know why.
i guess i've just never actually cared that much.
but now its fun for me.
living outside the box and all that.
so just in case you didn't know:
un-matching socks are cool.

since i didn't do one last week, i'll share another fun fact:
when i was younger i hated my name.
i insisted everyone call me "nikki".
now i like my name.
what is a fun fact about you??? 

its a small world after all,

{pic snapped of my feet by ME, with my trusty sidekick, sidekick!}


lennie said...

i love your socks! ahh they are so cool!
i have nothing against un-matching socks, (as they turn out to be cool mis-matched socks that look good together) but i can never bring myself to wear them!
so my fun fact 1: i have to wear matching socks
2: i just came across your blog and love it!!
3: and just a fact, i'm lennie, 16 and very much a new reader!

row said...

welcome lennie. i'm glad your on board, as i love your blog and probably wouldn't have found it had you not found me first! and its okay that you HAVE to wear matching socks! that is just as cool! :)