{smiles} #7

well i'm about over due on sharing some {smiles}.
these are a bit of stretch, as some of them are from awhile ago,
BUT i still think about them and {smile}!
life is so beautiful!
okay. so here they are:
{smile #1} - a very cute girl in my church told me she loved my style.
i was definitely tickled pink! thanks jaime!
{smile #2} - while in st. george i cut sissykins' friends hair. she liked it so much she told me i was a brilliant hair dresser. now that was a definite smile!
{smile #3} - my new blogger friend lennie (whom i've mentioned here and here) awarded me an award (which you can read about here) and posted about me on her blog (which you can read here). she said such kind things about me, that i was grinning my head almost completely off! she also left the sweetest comment on a post of mine that said:
lennie said...

"im loving your blog, so much to look at so i am very, very entertained hehe! thank you for welcoming me :)
i haven't yet heard the song, but it's made a great poem thus far! the lyrics concept is very nice, i hope to discover some new music...
anyway, i was given a 'sunshine award' which i will pass on to you, for being that extra sun in my summer!
January 26, 2010 4:22 PM
what a sweetie pie!
its amazing what the smallest compliments can do to ones self-esteem right?
well, thanks ladies, for making me {smile}.
it was great.

there is sunshine in my soul today,

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Jacque said...

Aw I love these smiley posts!! SO cute!!