there is a first time for everything.

today was a day of firsts for me,
and they've got me grinning from ear to ear.
no lie.
so one of my new readers lennie has given me my first ever blogging reward!
AND wrote a feature about me on her blog
i'm so excited! i've never had a reward before,
and i feel honored to accept this one!
lennie awarded me the:

what a peach she is.
its summer for her right now but winter for me, so this award has sent down rays of sunshine in my snowy time of year!
thank you lennie!
now how does it work? i award it to others?
well since lennie has already recieved it, i award it to:
and my sissykins at the life of sissy-kins
thanks for being rays of sunshine for me!

i've also decided (i know this may be pushing it)...
to make my own award.
so introducing (drumroll please!) the:

if you know about gene, you'll know how cool this award is!
if you don't know about gene, then hurry and go read this so that you understand.
and for the first ever receiver of this award,
i must give lennie the gene award. because her blog definitely makes me smile.
ya'll should go check her out.
thanks lennie!

stay tuned all, for more self-made awards to come.

a toast to all the firsts out there,

{the sunshine award pic came from darling lennie and the gene award was snapped and made (whith lots of love) by yours truly.}


Jacque said...

Aw thank you so much for such a sweet award!! You definitely deserve the sunshine award! Your blog is definitely a sunny spot in the blogosphere!

lennie said...

aww thank you so so much :)
hehe i've read about gene now! your award is so cute and i feel privileged to have it!