apology accepted.

sorry i've been blah at posting lately.
(i didn't even do a fun fact friday on friday.)
since christmas my life has been {b-u-s-y}.
brothey and sister have been out of school,
so we've been doing movie marathons,
(pirates of the caribbean. yessssss.)
quoting {the office} non stop,
playing lego star wars on the ps2,
and playing card games as a fam.

i know i promised a post of what i got for christmas,
but i think that's pretty unnecessary at this point.
just know, it was an {amazing} christmas.
both becuase of the gifts, and the fam.

new years was a {blast} too. sissykins and i went to a singles dance.
i laughed so hard my cheeks hurt!
let me just say, i'm grateful {2010} is here.
i'm promising to make 2010 MY year.
for sure. i plan on:
  • traveling more        
  • loving more           
  • working more          
  • living more           
  • experiencing more     
  • and not holding back  
among other things. {}
what are you new years resolutions???

start spreadin' the news,

{pic via weheartit.com}


muchlove said...

I love your 2010 plan. I pretty much want to achieve the same things!

row said...

i have a feeling 2010 is going to be a GREAT year! :) p.s. LOVE your blog. :)