i'll write for you.

i just saw julie and julia.
what a cute flick.
it made me think though.
what makes a blog alluring?
what is so interesting about other peoples lives that make us want to read about people we don't even know?!
right now i'm following 14 blogs. i personally know one of those people who's blog i read.
so what is it about the others that makes them so interesting?
why do everyday blogs about people's lives get so many followers?
i don't really have the answer.
the blogs i read make me smile.
they give me hope.
they inspire me.
they make me laugh.
that's why i go back everyday, and read what they have to say.
and why do they blog?
i blog because i've always loved to write.
i've always been writing every chance i've had.
stories, fan fiction, blogs, plays, skits, essays etc.
and i probably always will write.
whether its for me, readers, my family, or whomever.
i'll probably never stop writing.
so, thank you.
thank you to those who read.
thank you to those who comment.
thank you to those who follow. (all 8 of you.♥) 
you brighten my day.
if no one else, i'll write for you.

bon appetit,

{julie and julia poster found here but i searched here first... as i often do.}

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