{weekly} smiles #1.

as i said earlier i've been having a {tough} few weeks lately,
and i've really needed a pick me up.
well thank goodness for smiles.

here is where i've found my "weekly smiles" this week.

okay so i have this weird thing about {dog shows}: i love them!
back in february i was in and out of the doctors offices for a whole bunch of icky tests and it was a pretty weird time for me to be living through. one day, in the waiting room for one of my more invasive tests my mom and i sat and watched the one channel that they had on television. at the time, the {national dog show} was playing. sitting in the waiting room with my mom, watching the dog show, was a calm in my stormy day. watching the dogs {prance} around and be judged, for some reason, eased my nerves and made me feel more relaxed. - after the doctors appointment was over, my mom and i agreed that all we wanted to do was curl up in warm blankets, pop some pop corn, and watch the {dog show}. from then on, i've liked the dog shows because it takes me back to that happy time i had in my very (at that time) stressful life. now whenever my mom or i are having a bad day, we say to each other "i wish the dog show was on." 
so, as if sent from above, on thanksgiving, the national dog show was playing again! i was able to sit and watch it with my siblings, and just {relax}.
it was good to remember how i felt the first time i had watched it.

and my second smile this week, came from:

i don't have a job and so i've been having quite the {difficult} time making ends meet (just like everyone else right now right?). i'm behind on quite a few bills and have been trying desperatley to get a job, but to no avail. (none of this is written to make you feel bad for me. its just a background explaination).
well, my phone bill was due {recently} and i still have yet to pay it. today though, when i opened the mail, i found i had received a $50 gift card from t-mobile that i could put towards my bill. (it was because of all the sidekick problems they've had and i just so happened to have a sidekick. huzzah.) when i saw the gift card, it was re-confirmed to me, that God {loves} me, and that he does watch out for me.

hope you enjoyed my weekly smiles. where did {yours} come from this week?

there is sunshine in my soul,

{the first pic you see above is of sadie. the winner of the best in show at the national dog show. it was sadie's 100th win, and although we were rooting for showbiz razzle dazzle (the bull dog), we were really happy for sadie. i found the pic here by searching here. the next pic is of my phone. that's what it looks like if you were wondering. and i found that pic here via this. aren't pictures fabulous?!}

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Krisha said...

I also love dog shows! :) I think they suffice in place of me actually having to get and care for a puppy (let alone train one!). They just oooze out the cute factor. :)