meet naomi/taza. and my new tradition.

so i've started reading this {awesome} blog recently, written by someone called naomi/taza.
she's just a normal girl like me,
but her posts inspire me to be more {positive}, {creative}, and {grateful}.
(naomi/taza if your reading this, hi! you inspire me so much everyday! keep being just who you are!)
i love being inspired.
and she shares the same faith as i do, which is also really cool.
so you should check her out. you can find her here.
i {encourage} you to take a look, because really, she rocks. :)
(she does awesome give aways too!)
"what brought this suggestion on?" you might ask.
well, i've been having a downer few weeks lately (minus my totally awesome thanksgiving), and i've really needed a {dang} good pick me up.
see, naomi/taza does this awesome thing called happy lists
and so, today (out of inspiration via naomi/taza), i've decided to start something like that (in my next post). i'm calling it {"daily/weekly smiles"} because so many times, its the simple things in life, that really make me smile and help me get through. from here on out, every now and then i'll be sharing what simple thing helped me out on any particular day.
i hope you'll join with me in recognizing the {simple} things in your life.
hugs and kisses all. you rock my world.

why are there so many songs about rainbows,

{the great pic you see above is by shana rae. i found her on flickr and all her images make me smile and feel a little bit warmer on the inside. thanks shana rae!}

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