fun fact friday #3.

are you so excited for this weeks fun fact friday?
i have thought about it pretty much all week,
and i've decided to share (in celebration of the rapidly approaching christmas season):
ever since i was little, i have been able to figure out what i'm getting for christmas. 

all it takes is for me to simply shake a box, or for someone to say "i know what i'm getting you" and i can usually determine what it is.  
i've only been surprised once so far. - it was christmas 2007 and my parents totally and 100% surprised me with a blackberry phone.
it was the greatest.

bring us some figgy pudding,

{i'm promoting eco friendly wrapping with the photo above! lets all save paper. comics are way cooler than christmas paper anyway! - this photo was found on flickr and was posted by an awesome person known as eco_monster.}

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