let us give thanks.

{thanksgiving} this year was different for us.
usually we get together with all our cousins, grandparents, aunts&uncles.
but this year, we decided to stay in our {cozy} little house.
so it was just the 8 of us.
it gave me a different outlook on {thanksgiving},
yes i cried once cause i missed all my cousins,
but i soon realized that my holiday could have been a lot worse.
i could have:
no home.
no family.
no food.
some people didn't even have those things, and so my {heart} went out to those who were alone, and hungry, and cold on this holiday.
so i was (as I always am) so grateful to be surrounded by family that loves me, and whom i love.
i hope you all had a wonderful {thanksgiving}. because you all deserved it.

as for what we did this year:
we had {delicious} food, played games, and made a dent in our annual christmas movie list.
it was a great day, and i'm so grateful for such a wonderful {holiday} where we can celebrate being grateful.

life is beautiful,

{pictures by moi. i'm beginning to think i should be a professional food photographer... cause that's all i ever snap it seems like. :)}

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