new moon. ah!

i went to {new moon} on thursday.
it was incredible.
so much better than {twilight} (and thank goodness!)
one of my besties said it right when she said:
"new moon was what {twilight} should have been."
so right.
we made shirts, and had a little get together before hand
(everyone brought a treat to the party that was {twilight} themed.
ours were soda pops labled as different blood types.),
then we went to the theatre,
and were {dazzled} by the pretty boys and awesome movie.
i'll go see it again asap.
hope you went!
{hope}. {you}. {loved}. {it}.

howl at the full moon,

{pics by me. oh wonderful.}


Ashlex... said...

that's me! that's me!

row said...

tis! you're featured! you didn't even know it.